Well Intervention on geothermal injector well

Scope: Confirm well integrity and investigate origin of annular flow

A small annular flow was observed from an injector well. Spidron WECO was asked to confirm well integrity and thereby prove that the annular flow was not related to injection. Results should refute concerns from the regulator about well integrity.

The well had been operational for several years, accumulating LSA contaminated scaling over the complete wellbore. This had hampered previous attempts to obtain an integrity test. Before achieving a successful pressure test the scaling would therefore need to be removed.

A monitoring program was engineered to analyze the chemical composition and behavior of the annular fluid. Based on these results and literary studies one of the shallow aquifers was identified as potential source of the fluids.

Before execution of the full scale well clean-out and pressure test program a low-cost leak test was executed to confirm low pressure integrity of the top part of the well.

With these results the full scale well cleanout was engineered, prepared and successfully executed. The LSA contaminated scale was cleaned out and the wellbore pressure tested successfully.

Spidron WECO were responsible for the following:

  • Overall project management
  • Chemical engineering of the scale removal
  • Engineering, programming, purchase and preparation
  • Program execution and cost control
  • Supervision and reporting
  • Final reporting
We supported our customer during the complete project duration in her contacts with all stakeholders such as State Supervision of the Mines, Province, water board etc.

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