Welcome at SPIDRON WECO!
We are energy!

Our business is all about wells. And it doesn’t matter what kind of well. Our experience comes primarily from oil & gas and salt mining, and we can bring this expertise to your project!

We can perform all the services you require to successfully plan and execute your drilling operations. We can also provide well performance analysis and execute repairs on your wells. We have learned the hard way that in order to succeed you need to plan in detail: failing to plan = planning to fail! We are happy to join your team to bring the drive and expertise to successfully drill your wells!

We can help you!

With over 30 years of experience in drilling and well engineering management we can offer all the services that you need to go from idea to realisation.

Our skills cover all aspects of geothermal well engineering and also drilling, workover and abandonment of oil & gas wells. We can support you with basic and detailed well designs, becoming a geothermal operator, drilling management, application for permits, project management, risk evaluation and mitigation, tendering for drilling services, HAZIDs, HAZOPs. DWOPs, after action reviews, communication with mining autorities, well examination, preparation of self evaluations and Site Specific HSE cases. Our goals are to minimise cost, improve safety, add value and enable optimal operational efficiency

We deliver!

We have an excellent track record when it comes to delivery! Using project management tools we carefully plan projects and report progress during execution. Our focus is on quality, efficiency and total cost of ownership, where our expertise and our passion for performance enables us to provide the best solutions for the customer. We pursue opportunities, without losing sight of the risks.

We share our stories!

We operate in a very dynamic environment. You can read about our projects on the projectpage, but there are more stories to tell.

We like to share these stories with you in our blog.


Our Customers

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